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    David Oelrichs

  • Boating Safety Information and Education

    David Oelrichs is an ex Boating Patrol Officer and managed the Queensland Safe Boating Education Program for over 30 years. What he does not know about boating is not worth knowing.


    David can cut through the complexities of legislation and give guidance about how to meet your duty of care. He has developed programs for local community groups, state regulatory and national bodies and is now available for consulting work.


    David has produced the following publications:


    Small Ships Manual

    Boatsafe Handbook

    Boatsafe Torres Strait Regional Boating Manual

    Recreational and Fishing Guide

    Beacon to Beacon

    Commercial and Fishing Ships Operational Handbook


    David's most recent book is now available for sale or wholesale.



  • Available NOW

    Local and international rules, regulations and seamanship tips

    in an easy reference book.

  • A reference for those interested in working in the commercial marine or fishing industry.

    If you work or are interested in working on a commercial or fishing ship, this is the book for you. We've collated all relevant International laws and local regulations in this easy to read guide. Perfect for quick reference on the go or if you are studying for your coxswain ticket or masters certificate. Also great for the recreational boater wanting to learn more.


    Rules of the water ways, lights, shapes, sounds and signals. Knowing what means what is essential for safe boating.


    Know what to do in an emergency. Life-raft, EPIRBS, flares, alarms, fire-fighting and medical triage are all covered.

    Crew safety

    Know what is expected of you and what your obligations are in regard to licensing, induction, occupational health and safety and drugs and alcohol.




    It is a legislative requirement to keep these documents ship shape. This manual outlines how to establish a safety culture and manage risks.


    Grab your copy here or grab one from your local 'Boat Books' store.

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